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People First is a self-advocacy group that provides opportunities to voice opinions and concerns for people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability.  We promote equality for all and we aim to teach the community about the rights, abilities, and strengths of People First.   Every person has a voice that needs to be heard!             

People First is run by its members, with the help of an Advisor and volunteers, to develop strategies and to take action.  People First members are self-advocates who speak for themselves and make their own decisions.

We want people in the community to see us as people first, to see us for who we really are and for our capabilities, not for our labels.  Our advocacy involves: letting others know what their rights are; helping each other to learn to speak for ourselves; sharing information and common problems to try to help each other; to really listen to each other.  We also organize dances and parties in the community and we encourage all to come.  Our meetings are held monthly.

Please visit the Kenora People First Advocacy Group facebook page. 

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