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Are you interested in building a vibrant, healthy community? There are several opportunities for people of all abilities to create community by getting involved with fitness, visual arts, music, gardening and lifelong learning activities, becoming an inclusive employer, participating in fundraising events, joining our Board of Directors or contributing to our endowment fund.  

Would you like a workout partner to help each of you stay on track? Then become a Fitness Friend.  This program is geared to people pursuing a healthy lifestyle who would like to enhance their efforts by sharing their experiences with another person.

Do you want to explore your creative side or learn something new?  Do you have talents and knowledge to share? The Arts Hub and Rhizome host sessions in visual arts, including pottery, music, culinary and gardening workshops, and cultural learning opportunities.  The Hub is also available to rent for people who would like to host their own community arts initiatives.  Please contact Jackie Fernandez for more information.

Are you an employer who would like to partner with our Employment program in providing opportunities for people to work?  Contact Karen Caron for more information. 

Would you like to be involved with the KACL at an governance level, to have input into KACL’s direction, vision, and community involvement?  Then contact Jaime Peters to inquire about becoming a member of the KACL Board of Directors.

Contributions to the KACL Endowment Fund are always graciously accepted.  KACL issues charitable receipts for donations. 

We invite you to join us in our endeavors to create community together. 


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