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24 Hour Intensive Support Residences

The Intensive Support Residences Program provides services for people who require 24 hour assistance.  People supported by ISR are considered to have complex care needs, a result of physical, intellectual or mental health concerns, making it difficult for them to live without continuous care.

ISR originated in the 1970s as Group Living to respond to a social movement that had people leaving large centralized institutions and returning home to the security of their families and their communities.  In many situations, people had been living in these establishments since childhood.  As people with increasingly complex support needs were leaving institutions, a need for community-based supported living arrangements was created.  Many years later, ISR is just one of a number of available options through the Kenora Association for Community Living that provide support for adults with complex needs.  Since the peak of Group Living in the early 90s, this program has significantly decreased in size, as the popularity of Host Family expanded.

ISR organizes service using a framework of Intensive Case Management.  Case Managers facilitate the creation of holistic Individual Support Plans that consider a person's physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Every effort is made to listen deeply to people and to keep their voices at the center of planning. 

ISR assists individuals who live alone in a single home, as well as people who share their support and accommodation with a roommate.  Community Support Teams are committed to foster comfortable, enjoyable home environments that reflect the tastes, interests and personalities of those who live there.  They assist people with their personal care needs and look after the daily responsibilities of running a home.  In addition, it is the mission of ISR support teams to offer opportunities for people to explore, engage and learn with their community and to nurture relationships with family, friends, and acquaintances.

As with every service model, ISR is not without its challenges.  Community Support Teams are faced with the task of balancing respect for the space where a person lives that is also a place of work that has rules, policies and shift changes.  It is a demanding responsibility that requires careful awareness and intention to maintain boundaries that prevent an overextension into the rights and privileges of a person`s home and personal space.

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