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Enriched Supported Independent Living

People assisted by Enriched Supported Independent  Living (ESIL) represent a diverse, adult demographic, spanning a wide range of ages, abilities, interests, and life experiences. Supports are tailored to the individual, fitted to be sensitive to the various and unique circumstances of each person.

People reside in their own homes, alone or with a roommate, with service delivered through a model that encourages self-determination and independence.  ESIL is suited to those who are not in need of 24 hour continuous care.

Relationships are at the heart of the ESIL work.  Members of the ESIL team make an investment of time and deep listening toward the discovery of how they can best be of service.  Taking time to get to know people forms the foundation of ESIL`s Individual Support Plans.

Individual Support Plans are drafted through a bio/psycho/social lens to ensure balance that considers the well-being of whole people.  Each individual, or individual along with family or friends, collaborates with members of the ESIL team.  Each person receiving service is assigned a Case Manager who oversees facilitation, documentation, ongoing conversation, and revision of the arrangements.

The type of supports available through ESIL form a long and varied list.  They may be as infrequent as help to manage monthly finances, to attend medical appointments, to organize daily meal preparation or housekeeping, to weekly set-up medications, to nurture and maintain relationships with friends and family, and much, much more.  The variety and nature of support is never static, rather, it continues to change and flow with people's lives and dreams.

Support affirms normal rhythms of living and is available during the day, in the evening, and on weekends.  Many people have jobs or do community volunteer work.  Some are retired and are engaged in other interests.  Some people need very little assistance, while others, especially in times of illness or other major life events, require more intensive services.

ESIL staff act as mentors, with the driving goal of growing confidence and skills.  Emphasis is focused on the development of social opportunities that move people deeper into the life of their community, so that they may be known, engaged and experienced in what relational life offers.  ESIL staff make every effort to encourage people to lead full lives, lives of fun, meaning, and joy.

It is the mission of ESIL to provide what is needed for people to remain in their community and homes, with as much independence as possible, and this takes a mindful and intentional practice that has ESIL staff available for people when they are needed, but sensitive to not overextending services in a manner that compromises the autonomy and personal resources of their clientele. 


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