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 Human Resources

Kenora Association for Community Living Human Resources recognizes and values the talent represented by its human capital.  KACL regards staff members as our most valuable resource, and we are committed to the continuous development of a dynamic, innovative, engaging, and fulfilling work environment, which intentionally translates to benefitting the individuals we support, and contributes toward a meaningful and satisfying life for all.

KACL has been providing necessary supports to Kenora for over fifty years, and we value our reputation for maintaining high standards of excellence, in service to our constituents, service to our staff, and service to our community.  We have an excellent record of staff retention, with many of our staff members remaining with us for over twenty years.  We proudly maintain practices that provide staff with ongoing training opportunities and support for educational upgrading.  Organizationally, we prefer to promote from within the association whenever possible, and our salaries and benefit packages are competitive.

KACL Human Resources is responsible for the following: designing jobs and formulating job descriptions; attracting and choosing potential employees; training employees to perform their duties safely and effectively; supporting and rewarding employees, in regard to their development and growth within the organization; creating a positive work environment and ensuring that all worksites are safe; supporting and contributing to KACL's strategies for achieving its overall goals.

With respect to Corporate Social Responsibility, we are highly committed to community development.  We support and encourage volunteerism within and without the organization, concentrating efforts on social justice issues, like reducing poverty and homelessness.  In addition, we consciously advocate and cultivate positive culture, that is warm and welcoming to all people, and we endeavour to act as good community members, by supporting local businesses, organizations, and environmental initiatives.


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