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Fitness Friends

Fitness Friends is an initiative that focuses on wellness, with emphasis on recreational opportunities.  It partners participants and matches them with fitness clubs and centres, organizations, and activities they are mutually interested in.  In 2006, an innovative project established the position of a Fitness Coordinator to design a groundbreaking program to create physical health options of choice for people of all abilities.

Participants' interests are one of the main driving forces in the Fitness Friends initiative.  Participants have pursued their interests through a host of locally available opportunities, including: Trail walking, Gym workouts - complete with Canfit Pro personal trainer assistance with designing a workout, indoor and outdoor Swimming, Zumba, MMA & Kickboxing, Crossfit, Tai Chi, Ultimate Frisbee, Indoor Soccer, Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing, Canoeing and Kayaking, and Horseback riding.  In addition, Fitness Friends facilitates Walk and Talk.  This is an open and free event that is offered to the community as an opportunity to come together, to learn, to walk, and to engage with one another.  Walk and Talk has been held in a variety of locations throughout Kenora, often utilizing urban trails, and inviting guest speakers to come and share with the group for the talk.

Fitness Friends enjoys many partnerships within the community, working in concert to continue providing opportunities to participants.  Some of these partnerships have included, The Kenora Recreation Centre, Coulis Connections, Crossfit Core K-Town, MMA Club, Ne Chee Friendship Centre, Beaver Creek, and Kenora Trails. 

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