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KACL's Passport and Fee-for-Service Program 

At KACL we have services and supports available for purchase with Passport or personal funds.  We do our best to match people with activities that are personally meaningful.  Our highly qualified and experienced staff are well trained in providing supports which foster independence and are socially inclusive. 

If you are interested in discussing these options or creating something new tailored to your needs, please call to arrange an appointment with the KACL Passport and Fee-for-Service Program by calling 467-5245.

Person – Directed Planning

We have staff who are experienced in developing Person-Directed Plans. Individuals, and if they wish their family and support circle, meet with our facilitators to develop a person-directed plan which identifies their life vision and goals, builds on the individual’s strengths and identifies steps and supports to live a life of their choosing.  


To meet the needs of families and young adults KACL has developed new respite programs available for purchase with Passport Respite, or personal funds.  These programs are designed to both give caregivers a short break and to support the person to have experiences living in new environments, while building skills for living independently. There is an application process to access these programs as we endeavor to find the best fit for each person.  For all of these options it is necessary to meet well in advance to create a plan to ensure desired outcomes are met.  Fees for these services are based on the length of stay and the level of supports required. 

As with all KACL fee-for-service supports, provision of Respite services are dependent upon availability of staff and accommodations.

Be Active

Get involved in leisure, recreation, and interests important to you.  Passport can pay for 1-1 staffing, transportation, and the entrances fees or tickets for support staff and the consumer. 

Examples include fitness activities like swimming or trail walking, visiting local attractions like the M.S. Kenora or a Provincial Park, or leisure activities like a movie or local hockey game.


Find real work for real pay. Gain skills and find and keep work with the support of staff.

Examples include job readiness training such as resume building, helping people find employment, or on-the-job coaching for tasks, skills and routines.

Live Your Life

Receive supports in your daily life; flexible and responsive to your needs and interests.

Examples include grocery shopping and meal planning, home maintenance and management, home-based activities such as laundry or cooking, or help with using public transportation, money management and banking, and self-care.

Learn & Grow

Opportunities to learn new skills and apply yourself in new settings.

Examples include one-to-one assistance with academic course work or lifelong learning pursuits at our new adult learning space called “Rhizome: Connect, Learn, Grow, learning programs and classes such as money management and computer skills, training with technology, or developing artistic interests at the Arts Hub

New Experiences

Go to an event or an attraction like a hockey game, concerts, museums, or Comic Con.   

Bookkeeping and Brokerage

We also offer assistance with managing the paperwork and bookkeeping associated with your Passport Funding and can purchase high ticket items on your behalf, like an annual recreation centre pass.


Passport funding is available to adults living in Ontario who have a developmental disability.  This funding is provided by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Information about the program can be found at their website.  Passport funding is accessed through the application process with Developmental Services Ontario.  Once Passport funds are approved the funding in our region is administered by Lutheran Community Care Centre’s Passport Program.

Helpful Ministry Publications are:

Passport Tip Sheet

Passport Guidelines

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