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In 2008 the KACL Charitable Agency Endowment Fund was established with the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation, with the hope that as the fund grew KACL would have the additional resources to support initiatives to build community, to enrich experiences and to provide learning opportunities.  Donations to KACL’s Endowment Fund are invested by the Community Foundation and the investment income, or dividends, are distributed to KACL on an annual basis. 

The dividends are used to supplement underfunded and unfunded KACL programs and to support community building initiatives that promote KACL’s mission of social justice and belonging.  Over the years some of the funds have been used for KACL’s Annual Community Picnic, hosting learning opportunities open to the whole community, and providing funding to the CMHSS Wellness Project and the People First Christmas Dinner and Dance. 

There are three ways to donate to KACL’s Charitable Agency Endowment Fund:

  • online,
  • by mail - to the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation at Box 441, Kenora, ON, P9N 3X4,
  • or you can drop off donations in person to KACL’s Central Office. 

If you are a KACL employee you can arrange with KACL’s payroll department to have contributions deducted automatically from each pay cheque.  

In addition to KACL’s Charitable Agency Endowment Fund you could also donate to other Community Foundation funds which have designated KACL as their dividend recipient.   These funds are:

The Dave Lilico Memorial Fund in support of KACL

The Retson Family Fund in support of KACL

The Strachan Family Fund in support of KACL

The Williams Family Fund in support of KACL

Charitable Donation receipts will be given by the Community Foundation. Any and all donations are appreciated. 

Thank you. Your support will help individuals and their families to participate in community life, including chances to live, learn, work, enjoy recreation, and contribute to an inclusive and caring community.


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