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The Kenora Association for Community Living Board of Directors plays a significant role in the association's governance and ethical conduct.  In formal terms, the board ensures that KACL's management and conduct of all affairs are practiced in accordance with Letters Patent 56625 and with KACL by-laws, following Ontario's Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.  The board authorizes expenditures, including property rental and purchase, in addition to other major decisions involving money.  The board also creates policies, processes, and procedures in an effort to enhance the lives of people.

The composition of the board is a balanced representation of the community.  Each Director brings a unique perspective to the board, and each Director was motivated to join the board for a different reason, but they all work toward making Kenora a healthy community.  In general, Directors join the board because they want to contribute to and ensure that all people connected to KACL receive proper, well-intentioned care that is delivered with respect for people's thoughts and feelings, by staff who have respect for humanity.

Directors believe that it is a privilege to be on a board and a part of people lives who have intellectual disabilities; it is particularly important for a community that people come together in a united effort toward one specific and important goal to make the community better, by continuing to be accepting, supportive, co-operative, creative, and flexible. 

For General Information about becoming a Board Member click here.  The Application to Become a Board Member can be found here

Board Roster
President: Deb Cruikshank
Past President:  Grant Vanasse
Vice President:  Vacant
Secretary:   Grant Vanasse
Treasurer:   Lindsay Kinger  
Member:   Robert Gordon
Member:   Michael Dean
Member:   Jonny Grek
Updated: December 2020 

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