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The KACL Permanent Endowment Fund was established in 2008, through the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation, to support children, youth and adults, who have special need and who are our neighbours, relatives, friends, and fellow citizens, to have opportunities to participate in community activities that give them an opportunity for a meaningful and satisfying life.
The Endowment continues to grow, allowing us to support initiatives in our community that improve the quality of life of those we serve, and those of their families’, by expanding their horizons with enriched and varied experiences.   General donations can be made to the Endowment Fund; donations can also be made to specific funds contained within the Permanent Endowment Fund.
Presently, donations to the Endowment Fund can be made to support:
Named Trust:  The Charlie Strachan, Dave Lillico, and Kelly Williams Named Endowment Funds, as well the Retson Family Trust, have been established to support the work of the Kenora Association for Community Living through its Endowment Fund;
In Memory of Others: Memoriam funds are one of the ways families have continued to honour past loved ones, by continuing to advocate for a high quality of life and inclusive communities, through contributions in their name.  Currently, Memoriam funds are in place for Ron Everley, Conrad Caron, Grace Schram, Pamela Mitchell, and Dorothy Shannon; 
Specific Programs: Donations can be made to support ongoing KACL initiatives.  Thus far, Community Wellness, The Hub, and CMHSS have received contributions;
Social Justice Reserve:  Donations to this reserve are invested into helping a person or persons who are in need of support of having a right met; all uses and initiatives under this Reserve are first reviewed and approved by KACL Board of Directors;  
International Reserve: Donations to this reserve are made to support individuals outside of Canada.
Donations can be made on an individual basis, or, as KACL recognizes contributions by Significant Donors who contribute on a scheduled basis; any and all donations are appreciated.  Thank you for your willingness to help individuals and their families to participate in community life, including chances to live, learn, work, enjoy recreational time, and contribute to an inclusive and caring community.